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American Rocketry Challenge

We are building a rocket to compete in the American Rocketry Challenge.  ARC is a national competition between more than 800 teams.
The challenge is to design and build a rocket that can reach a target altitude of 850 feet and land safely within 41-43 seconds from launch.  To add to the challenge the rocket must carry a raw egg to that height and land with it intact.
Prototype Rocket Launch

Prototype 01 Launch

Our development is moving along.  Our prototype launched and landed safely.  We are now doing multiple launches gathering data to be able to dial in our target altitude and landing times in a variety of weather conditions.

Our Team

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Graphic Designer
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Videographer, Electronics
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Team Leader
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Public Relations
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Our Sponsors

We could not do this without the support of our sponsors.
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Silver Sponsor

Waste Management's sponsorship was a tremendous encouragement to the team.  We can't thank them enough.

George and Kathy Gaines

Silver Sponsors

Wub Wub Automotive

Silver Sponsor

The Floor Trader Carpet & Floors

Silver Sponsor

It is great to have "The Floor Trader" partner with us.

Nan Emmendorfer, Bethany Goff

Bronze Sponsors

Lemon's Lemons

Silver Sponsor

Special thanks:

  • Lockwood STEM Center in Hemlock for allowing us use of their 3d printers and other resources.

  • Community Baptist Christian School for hosting the team as a STEM block class.

  • River Rapids District Library for use of their 3d printers and copy machine.

You can play a big role in helping our team qualify, travel to the championship and win! Any amount can help and we welcome individuals, small businesses and corporate sponsorships.

You can contact us through Community Baptist Christian school by phone (989) 781-2340 or email

Please make checks out to Community Baptist Christian School with ARC written in the memo line.

You can also pay online through the Community Baptist Church and Christian School paypal link. Be sure to include "ARC" in the "Write a Note" section and any other information about the sponsor (individual or company name, etc.)

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